High Park Nature

High Park Nature is a joint initiative of the High Park Stewards and the High Park Natural Environment Committee. High Park Nature is also a member group of Ontario’s Nature Network.  High Park Nature is dedicated to educating and informing park users and the general public about High Park’s unique natural heritage and the steps being taken to protect and restore this heritage. Projects include the website www.highparknature.org, interpretive signs in the park and other methods of communication and outreach. High Park Nature believes that if people understand and appreciate the unique natural features of High Park, they will be more disposed to avoid damaging the environment and some will become volunteers in actions to restore the Park’s natural features.


If you have questions related to nature in High Park or would like to contribute to the website or other projects, please contact mail@highparknature.org. Visit  www.highparknature.org to learn more about the natural wonders of High Park!

The High Park Natural Environment Committee

The High Park Natural Environment Committee is a community group focused on protecting and restoring the natural environment features of High Park. They meet several times a year, plus some special projects are undertaken between meetings by small working groups. They liaise directly with the City’s Natural Environment staff and other departments and groups as required.

The Natural Environment Committee develops and supports initiatives to protect and restore the natural areas of High Park, and tries to ensure that the natural environment impact is considered when any new developments are proposed. They seek ways to mitigate the effects of high-impact activities that go on in the Park. They also promote awareness and respectful enjoyment of the park’s natural heritage through support of High Park Nature and other projects.

Please see past issues of the newsletter for more information about their activities.