Volunteers make High Park great! There are many groups to volunteer with in High Park and both short- and long-term opportunities are available. Check out the list below to explore your options and get started today!

Current events that require volunteers:

Please contact info@highpark.org for more information.


The following groups are always looking for volunteers:

971494_535429723165365_1834631957_nHigh Park Nature Centre
Volunteers are always needed to support the Centre’s outdoor nature education programs for kids, youth, adults and seniors.
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Zoo PeacockHigh Park Zoo
Friends of High Park Zoo, its Board and Friends at the Zoo are powered by volunteers. Volunteers are needed at High Park Zoo to support all zoo activities.
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drop-inHigh Park Children’s Garden
Help maintain the garden, help out at special events, or be a special guest at camps.
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High Park StewardsVolunteer Stewards
Help to protect and restore the remaining natural areas of High Park. Activities include planting, collecting seeds, and removing invasive species from restoration sites.
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ducksHigh Park Natural Environment Committee
The High Park Natural Environment Committee is a volunteer group that advises the City of Toronto on the protection and restoration of the natural environment of High Park.
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2013-07-21(02)ParkWatchPark Watch
Promote safe and friendly behaviour among Park users! Volunteers provide information and assistance as needed, and identify/report potential safety problems to the Police and Park staff.
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Rotary International LogoRotary Club of Parkdale-High Park
Join the Rotary Club and help support Parkdale-High Park through fundraising and events.
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