High Park K9 Committee

K9 is a group of dog owners, dog walkers and canine enthusiasts in High Park. Its purposes are to advocate for enhancing the dogs’ experiences at the leash-free area, promote responsible dog ownership and stewardship of High Park and the leash-free area and to schedule activities such as clean-ups or courses given related to dog behaviour.



K9 Committee endorses the Code of Conduct for the Off-Leash areas
  • Comply with all signs and boundaries and carry a leash at all times
  • All dogs must have a municipal dog license
  • Dogs must remain in off-leash area so as not to trample or endanger plant material and other park resources
  • Dogs excluded from use of off-leash areas: dogs identified under the Dog Owners Liability Act: Pit bulls; Female dogs in heat; Uncastrated male dogs; Any dog that has been issued a muzzle order by the Medical Officer of Health
  • Discourage your dog(s) from chasing wildlife
  • Pick up after the dog(s) and carry the dog(s) waste home to the Green Bin or use the receptacle provided
  • Dog(s) must be under voice or signal control and in sight at all times. If your dog does not respond immediately, retrieve your dog and leash it
  • Leash your dog(s) immediately, if aggressive behaviour is demonstrated
  • Respect other park users
  • Dogs that dig holes must have their owners fill them in immediately. Holes create safety hazards for other users especially after dark
  • Always carry a bag, a spare and one to share

Municipal Codes Chapter 349 & 608                                 Violation of bylaws are punishable by fines.


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