High Park Nature Centre

The High Park Nature Centre is a non-profit organization that was established in 1999.  The High Park Nature Centre promotes awareness and respect for nature through outdoor environmental education and park stewardship.  Nature Centre programs inspire a sense of wonder, knowledge, and respect for High Park’s natural systems; restore human connections to local plants and animals; and engage children and families in ecological restoration activities to ensure a sustainable future for High Park for generations to come.


The High Park Nature Centre serves a diverse audience from across the Greater Toronto Area, including children, families, elementary and secondary school students and teachers, ESL schools, day care centres, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, community centres and recreational programs. Through the Nature Centre’s programs, over 50,000 participants of all ages have been able to “give back” to High Park through park stewardship activities like planting native grasses, wildflowers, and sedges or removing invasive plant species.